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Exarch is a setting about Dark Age peasants discovering sci-fi tunnels filled with dangers and treasures. It’s also about life at Home and the changes that sort of discovery brings. Decades ago, things were simple and rustic. Then a natural disaster, a crack in the glass dome, or some technological failing exposed the endless megastructure that surrounds the place you call Home.

The zine is system agnostic across OSR rpgs, though it lends itself better to classless games like Knave, Into the Odd, Cairn, or Warlock! Your party of peasants will go on deadly expeditions and (hopefully) return with cybernetics, strange futuristic artifacts, and new Utterances in the Steel Speech.

Too many cybernetics might give the mad security AI power over a character, but the Steel Speech will allow a character to command the powerful golems wandering the empty halls. Expeditions are filled with danger but offer rewards that will please a party's patrons and give the would-be heroes the power to attain their dreams of comfort and wealth.

The zine will include procedural generation for patrons at Home, rooms and area types for the megastructure, and the twisted inhabitants the party will encounter on expeditions. It also includes tables for technological artifacts, Utterances in the Steel Speech that allow a character to manipulate the structure and golems around them, and cybernetics to change a character's physical abilities.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorStacking Dice
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, OSR, Sci-fi, zine


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Hello, is there any plan for bookmarks to be added to the PDF?

Oh goodness I had planned to do that but got a bit distracted with some job hunt stuff over the Summer and moving. I will try to get some time this week to figure that out (I assume it isn't terribly difficult). Will post an update when I've done that. Thanks for reminding me!

Fixed!! So sorry that took so long! The new file is uploaded, let me know if something is awry with it :)


Went through this on my podcast today. https://anchor.fm/rich-fraser/episodes/CN218---Lets-talk-DM-Kit-e1jlend

Thanks, I gave it a listen! I appreciate the review and the kind words! I also liked what you had to say about a DM kit, I hadn't thought about cutting rules down to smaller 2-sided cards for on-the-fly use


Yea, i forgot to dig out my silent titans 4x6 cards. Rules on ione side character sheet on the other!