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Hello, is there any plan for bookmarks to be added to the PDF?

Oh goodness I had planned to do that but got a bit distracted with some job hunt stuff over the Summer and moving. I will try to get some time this week to figure that out (I assume it isn't terribly difficult). Will post an update when I've done that. Thanks for reminding me!

Fixed!! So sorry that took so long! The new file is uploaded, let me know if something is awry with it :)


Went through this on my podcast today.

Thanks, I gave it a listen! I appreciate the review and the kind words! I also liked what you had to say about a DM kit, I hadn't thought about cutting rules down to smaller 2-sided cards for on-the-fly use


Yea, i forgot to dig out my silent titans 4x6 cards. Rules on ione side character sheet on the other!